Architectural Technician II

DeLeers Construction, Inc.
Job Description
Responsible for applying technical drafting skills to perform a variety of drafting duties in connection with the development and preparation of architectural plans for the construction of new buildings or renovations of existing buildings.  The Architectural Technician II will use knowledge of standardized building techniques and CAD systems to draw architectural and structural features of commercial and residential buildings.  Architectural technicians are construction drafters that make sure that both the designs of general architects and the calculations of building engineers are combined into an effective building guideline. Since the guideline is often a visual blueprint of these ideas, the technician is responsible for including technical data, such as material lengths, amounts, and weights within a completed design.
  • Prepare detailed drawings, in accordance with DeLeers Construction design criteria and standards of construction, from preliminary sketches to final detailed working plans per client specification.
  •  Meet with members of the construction team to evaluate and thoroughly understand the processes going into a specific construction project. The technician will use information garnered from other professionals to create the technical plans for a structure's blueprints. 
  • Work closely with Team Leaders, Business Development Associates and Project Managers, and interpret and record all project information. Provide creative insight and suggestions, as well as solutions to design problems.  
  • Coordinate the preparation of job drawings with Department Team Leader, other Architectural Technicians, and Project Managers.  
  • Prepare drawings, plans and documents for statutory approvals. 
  • Update all drawings as revisions occur and ensure that drawing files reflect correct information at all times.   Make changes to accommodate mechanical, engineering, architectural, or client revisions.  
  • Oversee a team of 2-5 architectural technicians; manage work schedules and capacity, assist with questions and help to problem solve.

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