Cement Masons/Concrete Finishers

DeLeers Construction, Inc.
Job Description
Responsible for working with a variety of masonry materials, including concrete, brick, and stone. They might be smoothing, leveling, and finishing freshly poured cement or installing brick and stone around and on buildings. They can also be responsible for ensuring concrete molds are setup properly or applying any necessary chemicals to harden and seal poured concrete.
Concrete work is fast paced and strenuous and often involves kneeling, bending, and reaching.
Must have an ability to do brick, stone, block, masonry, form walls, flat work, grading, control points, read and understand elevations with an ability to get to a specified elevation, and form experience. We are looking for candidates that have a minimum of 2 years experience and whose work is impeccable and of finish quality.
  • Set forms, and place finish concrete forms, walls, roof, floors, and curbing.
  • Spread, level, and smooth concrete using rake, shovel, or other equipment
  • Operate small and riding power trowels, hand tools, and other instruments
  • Use appropriate chemicals/materials to clean, or restore concrete and foundations
  • Signal operator to facilitate pouring concrete
  • Monitor forms to assure proper construction and stability
  • Subgrade preparation.
  • Secure tools and equipment, making sure to leave the job site clean and in order
  • Train new, less experienced personnel.
    Qualifications and Education Requirements
  • Ability to read blueprints.
  • Ability to layout proper concrete location/configuration.
  • Experience with Concrete and Masonry in Construction Trade
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Attention to Detail
  • Able to Listen and Communicate Effectively
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
  • Manual Dexterity and Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Able to get to and from Job Site
  • Ambitious and Self-Motivated
  • Ability to meet or beat times allotted for all task.
You must have high integrity, have a great attitude, generally like people, and want to be a part of something that is bigger than a paycheck.
From company sponsored events and parties, to a truckload of great benefits, DeLeers Construction is a growing and generous company.
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