DeLeers Construction, Inc.
Job Description
Responsible for preparing detailed custom woodwork blueprints and casework shop drawings from architectural designs for production per specifications. Effectively utilizes knowledge of various machines, engineering practices, mathematics, building materials, and other physical sciences to complete drawings.  Also responsible for serving as a liaison between the office and the shop while working to facilitate the pre-production, production and post-production process for projects manufactured at Joseph A. Interiors. The individual in this position will also act as a representative for Joseph A. Interiors when on a jobsite working with customers and Project Managers with questions or issues.  
  • Work with other team members, including Estimating, Purchasing and Production, to continually improve the communication process involved in project hand-offs from receipt of the project through the production process. 
  • Communicate regularly with other departments to keep staff informed of workload, goals and objectives, project results and other information. 
  • Receive and review project specifications/files from Production Manager and/or PM; receive additional information on project during hand-off process. 
  • Interpret all project information (files, plans, specifications, hand-off data and standards required.) 
  • Update Team Leader and/or Project Manager on project status on a regular basis; coordinate questions with production/custom wood builders to ensure all project information is received and can be accurately reflected on drawings. 
  • Use computer assisted design/drafting equipment and software (AutoCAD 2016 & Cabinet Vision) to prepare detailed design and production drawings following AWI and JAI standards of construction for all casework and custom products.
Pre-production process, to include:
  • Reviewing projects upon award and becoming familiar with scope of work and specifications. 
  • Reviewing drawings to become familiar with project and to determine what verifications are
    needed and what areas may require special attention.
  • Ensuring that project is drawn according to specification. Review details with Production as necessary for value engineering and production process ideas. 
  • Working with Project Manager to gather material information as needed for Purchasing.
  •  Reviewing projects with Team Leader/Project Manager upon return of plans following approval or request for re-submission. 
  • Attending job project handoff meetings and communicating project needs to production and reviewing scope issues at these meetings to ensure everyone is familiar with the project.

Production process, to include:

  • Coordinating with appropriate production coordinators to ensure construction requirements can be met. 
  • Answering engineering questions and finding solutions to problems as they occur and ensure thatfollow up is handled efficiently and accurately so that projects are not delayed unnecessarily.
  • Updating all drawings as revisions occur and ensure that drawing files reflect correct information on what was actually built.
Post-production process, to include: 
  •  Reviewing overall project to learn from project experiences.
  •  Interacting with and assisting the Team Leader and other team members on a continual basis, incorporating prior experience and drafting knowledge in order to share information and learned experiences.
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