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About Us

Our Story Is Telling Your Story
O’Connor Connective is a strategy and marketing communications consultancy connecting people and organizations to innovative results. We were founded in 2013 by Bridget O’Connor because she understands that leaders often need outside sounding boards to make big ideas come true and sometimes to communicate the smallest of changes in their organizations.
We are, quite simply …

Innovators—We help you identify, clarify and develop big ideas.
Strategy Partners—Smart and strategic, we help you focus
on what’s most critical.
Executive Communications Coaches—Great messaging starts at the top. We are confidential advisors prepared to help you communicate and market your vision.
Consultants—We are sounding boards, big thinkers and planners. We help you see what might be too close, or not in your wheelhouse. We then create a roadmap to get you where you want to be.
Culture Architects—We help you understand where you are as an organization compared with where you want to be. We then align external messaging with internal communications and actions so to create the culture you seek.
Change Managers and Change Communicators—We help you inform with the right tone for the situation to alleviate anxiety, create alignment and build support in times of change.
Experienced—We are proven, results-driven consultants. Talented. Educated. Strategic. Highly regarded. Well referred


  • Strategy - Become exceptional.
  • Public Relations - Be heard.
  • Creative - Tell your stories
  • Marketing - Communicate what matters.